That Annual Check up

Yep…that is where I am headed today. I’m going to my annual physical where I’ll be poked and prodded, weighed and pressured…I think you get the drift.

Do I like going to see my doctor? Well, I have to say that I don’t sweat it like I used to. When I was young, every time I’d head to the doctor, I would think, “What if they find a big tumor or…DUN, DUN, DUN…CANCER!” but as I got older having four children, one of which was on a kitchen table because had her a bit quicker than I thought, and I got to know my body better, it is no big thing. It’s just another moment to experience and to tell you the truth, I really like my doctor. She’s a no nonsense practical kind of woman who reminds me a little of my Nannie. Nannie being one of my grandmas that has passed.

I can question her thoughts and she doesn’t get that look that most do. You know the look, “What?! You are questioning my ability of being a doctor?”

She takes into account of what I say  and she’ll either laugh out loud at my outlandish theory or take it into consideration. She never makes me have any test if I don’t want to but she can apply the ‘guilt’ trip for not having it done. Problem is, with me, the guilt trip never works with me because of my positive thought training. Guilt is a four letter word for me. I’ve lived with it most of my life. I came out of the womb saying, “Oh my…I feel so guilty about the pain my mom went through!” Of course my mom had quite a bit to do with the guilt. She is the queen of guilt. In her later years she has toned it down a bit since we all rib her unmercifully about it.

Guilt is a negative vibration as if you have done something wrong so I don’t buy into it anymore. It makes for a lighter feeling life that is for sure.


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